Metabattles is the first project developed by TEVAS Games. This  project is a community-oriented, web3-based, metaverse-ready that allows players to join the metaverse where players can collect  NFT  to upgrade skins, weapons, as well as purchase buildable land to create battlefields that anyone can play on.


  • Company strategy definition
  • Core Team setup
  • Project 1st draft and whitepaper
  • Look for possible partners
  • Recruit new talents for the team
  • Tevas games Website
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Metabattles website lunch
  • NFT “Genesis pack”:
    Pack #1 : 1 “Genesis” player skin
    Pack #2 : 1 “Genesis” player skin + 1 “Genesis” weapon skin
    Pack #3 : 1 “Genesis” player skin + 1 “Genesis” weapon skin + 1 “Genesis” buildable land
  • Edit your character
  • choose weapons
  • change armor
  • Buy and trade mystery boxes  
  • Play mini games to get accessories
  • Buildable land by the community
  • Encourage  and challenge the community to build their own maps
  • Community vote system for the best creations
  • Community will participate in the:
    • Main Maps creations
    • Skin special collections
  •  Game testing only for founder pack holder
  •  Open Beta
  •  Open Beta

Find us at the NFC on the 4th and 5th of April